B.Ed in Computer Science graduates are in high demand to teach Computers at various levels of school.  Computers are a vast subject starting from primary, middle school, higher secondary and senior secondary school. It progresses and channelizes to focused streams. In this course, hardware and software skills are inculcated in the students so that they relay the knowledge and skills to their students when they become teachers. Computer Science is a highly practical field. Computer Science has theoretical and practical aspects. Students who wish to do it should have great teaching skills. They should be able to make a big problem solvable in easy language. Having passion for learning and imparting the same to the students is also a key skill required by those who wish to do B. Ed in Computer Science. Since quality education has been made mandatory or the teaching system in India, understanding the child’s mind and behavior is required from the aspirants who wish to go for B.Ed. degree. It is a highly reputed degree course that is much sought after if you want to go in the teaching line. Most schools have made this degree as a compulsion for eligibility as a teacher